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Frequently Asked Questions
Find out the answers to all your questions here! We always try our best to provide you with assistance regarding our website and games.

Can I download the games on this website?
No. Our games are meant to be played online. 

Can I put your games on my website?
Yes, for selected games only. As of this moment, you can put/embed all our games except 1Dreamboy. You can find the embed codes on the pages of the games.

Can I play the games on my phone?
Yes but you have to download an app called "Puffin Browser" for IOS and Android users. Then browse our website using that browser. However, playing the game may be harder on your phone.

How do I play the 1Dreamboy game?
Before you can play the 1Dreamboy game, you are required to do an offer/survey. This is a one time process and shall take only 3-5 minutes. Once done, the actual game page will be unlocked and you will be able to play the Dreamboy game.

For a guide on how to do and complete an offer, please go here:

Do I have to complete an offer for every game?
No. Only the 1Dreamboy game has this process. The rest of our games are for free. 

Why do I need to do an offer/survey?
The 1Dreamboy is basically NOT FREE to be played by the public. You will have to pay by completing an offer.

The page keeps scrolling to the top, why?
As stated above, you must first do an offer before you can play the game. You should see a widget above saying that you need to do an offer.

Why did you implement the offer process?
Through these offers, we are able to generate some money to help in paying for our website's hosting fees and to create more exciting flash games in the future. 

How much do I pay for the offers?
Offers differ per country. There are offers, for USA for example, which are free surveys and do not cost anything. However for other countries, they require you to pay through mobile. The cost differs for each country, ranging from less than a dollar to more.

How do I complete an offer?
There are basically three kinds of offers. One is a free survey which is limited to certain countries only. To complete such offers, you may be required to enter some information such as your name or email or birthday. When you submit those info, you will usually be redirected to another page with more surveys BUT you don't have to do that one. Just wait for the page to be unlocked.
The second kind of offer is a download offer in which you will be asked to download and sometimes install a certain program.

The third kind of offer is mobile offer. This requires you to enter your mobile number and mostly you will receive a PIN code afterwards, which you need to type in the offer page.NOTE: To complete a mobile offer, you must have balance in your mobile.

For more info, please go here:

I've done an offer but it still wont unlock?
First, make sure you enter real information on the offer page. The system checks this and if you enter bogus information, it will never unlock. For mobile offers, make sure you have enough balance in order to complete the offer. If it still won't work, please do another offer.

My country only has mobile offers, can we have free surveys too?
We do not have control on which offers appear for each country. We are not the one who does the offers. There is a certain company/network in charge of that.

I don't want to pay, I dont want to do an offer, is there any other way?
We would really appreciate it if you can do an offer as this helps us to financially maintain our website. However, you can also get free access here:

Can't find an answer here?
If you have other questions, please email

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