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We are very thankful with all the support that our website and games have been receiving. With that, as a way of gratitude, we are holding contests where you can win different One Direction merchandises!

Weekly Giveaways!
Every week, one lucky Directioner will win a 1D merchandise of his/her choice!







1. Must have a twitter account

2. Take a screenshot of your favorite scene from 1Dreamboy 2

3. Put any funny caption

4. Tag it with #1dreamboy2.




1. Must have a tumblr account.

2. Choose your favorite moment/scene/event from the 1Dreamboy 2 game. Take a screenshot of it. You may have more than one screenshot.

3. Create a post on tumblr containing the pictures from 1Dreamboy 2. Put funny and entertaining captions, gifs and other pictures. It's up to you.

4. Aside from the captions, you must put this at the bottom of the post "Play 1Dreamboy 2:"

5. Lastly, you must tag your post with #1Dreamboy2 and #1dgamecontest (Failure to do this as well as #4 may not qualify you for this contest)

6. Here are some examples of tumblr posts that we like:


b. (This one was from the first 1Dreamboy, but we really like this one).


Every week, we will choose there will be one winner. We will choose the ones that most captured our attention and entertained us. So be creative! It's up to you on how you will create your tweet or tumblr post. Make it funny, witty and entertaining. The idea is to catch our attention.


Every week, there will be one winner who can choose one 1D merchandise that he/she wants. You can choose anything you want under the price of 75 AUS$, as long as it is available. But remember, you can only choose one item.


You can choose your prize (under 75 AUS$) from:

or from: (under £46.50)

It doesn't matter where you live, as long as the store can ship to your place. We will handle all shipping fees for your chosen prize.


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